Although many homeowners have a lawn, maintaining and having perfect lush green lawn is what make them separate from others and will make their neighbors envy.  To maintain the lush green lawn and to have a healthy lawn, a person should be well experienced about landscaping as doing even a single step working can make the whole lawn to look dull.  Do you know that common pesticides and fertilizers are toxic to your plants? Do you have an idea that exotic plants require more water? Yes, only if you’re aware of even these small details, then only you can have a healthy and green lawn. The good-looking lawn can exist only by constant effort, perfect fertilization, and regular maintenance. It is even required to troubleshoot the lawn problems. Here are few tips to follow to have an ideal emerald-green lawn


Don’t mow too low

You might have heard about this from many experienced landscaping people. And obviously, it is the major thing you have to follow to have a healthy and green lawn. Though it is common to cut your lawn as short as possible; landscaping experts recommend to let it grow longer and them to mow it more frequently. So, it is better to avoid the buzz cut. You have to set mower blade to at least 3 inches tall so that the taller grass will shade out weed seeds. Avoid Mowing a lawn very short as it keeps more stress on the grass and will limit the deep root growth which in turn reduces its ability to resist pests, weeds and drought conditions. Raise the blade to avoid scorching of grass because of heat in summer.

Fertilize to have a healthy lawn

Lush growth can be achieved by synthetic and also organic lawn fertilizer. These fertilizers also help strengthens roots and to eliminate pests and invasive weeds. Though there are many lawn fertilizers available in local stores, mostly every lawn fertilizer consists mainly three key nutrients. These three keys nutrients are nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. Nitrogen nutrient plays a major role in leafy growth. However, excess nitrogen can cause yard burn, discoloration, and excessive growth. Granule and liquid forms that come in organic and synthetic Belinda are the best of lawn fertilizers. You can also pick either fast release fertilizer or slow release fertilizers.

Weed Control Tips

Existing crabgrass and weeds will have no impact on the Pre-emergent. Their main aim of them avoids sprouting of weeds and crabgrass seeds. So in the spring season, it is better to apply pre-emergent. By using a broadcast spreader, you can apply the granular fertilizer. A broadcast spreader is a device that can be pushed or pulled whole over your yard to distribute the fertilizer evenly. It is compulsory to use spreader as applying large concentrations of fertilizer in a single or small area can kill the whole grass.

Repair and maintain lawn regularly

Dead patches, bare spots, dandelions infested areas are the common problems that occur for your lawn. Among these, bare spots are the most noticeable problem that every lawn face. However, this problem can be repaired and removed if you have little patience and persistence.